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Net Detective is not just a people search tool. It brings together an impressive collection of resources available on the Internet PLUS those available off the Internet too. I have used this to find lost people on a number of occasions and it is extremely powerful. It not only links you to databases on the Internet, it gives you research tools for finding information such as public records, criminal records, and family archives. Therefore it is also a tool to use for almost any type of research you might be doing. I love this program and use it constantly. It is very inexpensive ($29) and they offer a 90-day money back guarantee if it doesn't suit your purposes.

"This is great. Just 30 minutes after downloading Net Detective I had located my long-lost college roommate and had her on the phone. We talked for two hours. (We hadn't talked in 27 years.) I have been telling all my friends and they are amazed."
- Marsha Seiler, Dallas TX.

"As a private investigator with over 22 years experience, I was very surprised to discover what a great asset Net Detective is for our business. We can now locate hard to find information in minutes that used to take hours or even days."
- Robert J. Carlson,
St. Paul, MN. Guaranteed.
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Other Recommended Reference Materials

Find Anyone is a multimedia information software package on CD-ROM for PC and MAC developed by a private investigator.

Information on how private investigators track down missing people, even people who don't want to be found.


The Source: Guidebook of American Genealogy is considered the top reference in the field of genealogical research.


Irish Records : Sources for Family and Local History is the perfect companion book for researching your family tree back to Ireland.
A Genealogist's Guide to Discovering Your Italian Ancestors : How to Find and Record Your Unique Heritage  is a very popular book among genealogical researches tracing their family roots back to Italy.
Europe In Search of Your European Roots : A Complete Guide to Tracing Your Ancestors in Every Country in Europe great general guide for those whose roots were scattered throughout the European continent.
United Kingdom In Search of Your British & Irish Roots : A Complete Guide to Tracing Your English, Welsh, Scottish, & Irish Ancestors for anyone tracing their genealogical roots to the British Isles.

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