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Where can I find lost friends and family members and do a free people search ? The 21st century has made it infinitely easier to do free people searches, find lost friends, and find missing persons. With the advent of the Internet, finding lost friends and the way we search for people has changed dramatically. A simple people search is just a click away! This site puts together some tools I have personally found useful for finding lost friends, doing a public record search, finding missing relatives, and even finding old roommates (or sweethearts) - - just about any person you would like to find. So start your search for that lost friend now.
Forum The free people search Forum allows you to post names of lost friends and people you're trying to find. This is a new forum - as the old one had some issue. Please post old messages on the new forum as the old one will be closed out soon. You can also search names here.
Tools The Resources section is a directory of sites, organizations, and tools that will help you find your lost friends or family members. It is basically a directory of resources to help you find lost friends and family members, do a reverse phone search, email address search, or public record search.
Resources In the Tools area we recommend software and books that will help you streamline your people search and make your search for lost friends and family more effective. You can also download software that many private investigators use to search for people.
Genealogy The Genealogy Section focuses more on lost family and gives leads on how to get started tracing your family tree and includes software, books, and sites dedicated to genealogy. Tracing your family roots is much like finding missing persons.


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